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    Getting the right size

    Use our Printable Sizing Template

    Naraam Sizing Template

    Make sure scaling and any rotation/centering is turned off under printing options. When used correctly, this is extremely accurate. The key is to be sure it's printed to the proper scale. There are convenient measurements on the template that you can use to verify that it is printed correctly. 

    Use our Size Table

     This method is not as accurate. Take a measurement of your foot and compare to the chart below. Take the measurement THREE TIMES to ensure an accurate reading. Add 1/4 inch to the measurement and get the closest size up. 

    Measurement Tips: Take the measurement on a hard surface. Carpet will give you an inaccurate reading. Take the measurements THREE times to ensure an accurate measurement. Trace your foot on a piece of paper and then use a ruler or tape measure to find the actual measurement -OR- lay out a tape measure and line your heels up exactly with the zero mark. Put all your weight on that foot and use that measurement.
     US Size   Approximate length of shoe
          5                          9 1/2"
          6                          9 6/8"
          7                          9 7/8"
          8                         10 1/4"
          9                         10 5/8"
         10                        10 6/8"
         11                           11"

    Things you should know 

    Do not have a left or right orientation - The idea being that as you wear the shoes, the leather will stretch and conform to the exact shape of your foot. Given this expanding property of leather, we've given our shoes a tight fit; this will compensate for loosening of the shoe. 
    Fitting runs narrow - The length of our shoes is spot on in terms of US sizing. But they run narrow, therefore if you have wide feet (even the slightest of wide) you should size one up. Keep in mind that our Decontra is especially narrow. 
    Uncomfortable at first - Your shoes will feel tight and slightly uncomfortable at first, but once broken in, there won't be a shoe that is as soft and as adapted to your feet. Our customers with sensitive skin that tends to blister easily, find "blister balm" to be the perfect remedy. If you have sensitive skin, this should help you get through the initial break in period. 
    Flat and Thin - We've added slight cushioning in our soles, other than this cushioning there isn't much support. You cannot expect the same wearing experience of a pair of adidas sneakers from our shoes. If you like having extra support, consider purchasing an insole. 
    Depend on your upper heels - Our shoes have very little surface area, which is what makes them so unique. And having such little surface area also gives the shoe less ways of grabbing on to your feet. Despite that, you will never experience the shoe slipping off (assuming you have the right size). This is achievable because of the way the back wraps around your upper heel area. Given this dependability on the heel, people with sensitive skin may initially feel irritation. A heel cushion insert will fix this.
    Leather sole - The soles of our shoes are a slightly harder leather then the leather used for the rest of the shoe. Given that they are genuine leather, they do not have the gripping properties of rubber. If you desire a rubber sole, you can purchase rubber outsoles online and glue them on. Most customers appreciate the all leather aesthetic, so we choose not to make rubber soles an option. 
    Soft and Flexible - Our shoes are very flexible and soft, especially once they've broken in. If you wanted, you could do your yoga classes in them. Most of the inner side of the leather (the inside of the shoe) is made to feel like suede. If the inner leather feels rough, sanding it down with some sand paper will soften it.