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    Ahmed Raza (Cofounder) Describes his introduction to the idea of what came to be Naraam:
     "I had left the farmhouse to wander around the village with the intention of getting to know the community. I wanted a glimpse of what life was like when constricted to such simplicity. Kids tossing mud balls at each other; laughing uncontrollably as they'd land one on the face, men in the fields harvesting corn with sickles (a "C" shaped tool), while women tended houses....and a man at a corner store who sold handmade shoes. His name was Abdul Rehman (don't ever make the mistake of calling him Rehman– it was "Abdul Rehman!") and his shoes were being worn throughout the entire community, but little did he know they'd be going as far as the United States."
    "I sought human interaction, I found handmade leather shoes for women. Pakistan.... Pakistan is one hell of a place."
    Abdul Rehman now coordinates a largegroup of workers who help him in the creation of Naraam Footwear. He's proud of the progress Naraam has made, but even more so, excited for the potential. 
    Abdul Rehman on why he thinks his shoes are unique:
    "I believe in imperfection and that shows in what I create, If I were to create with perfection you might as well replace me with a machine."